Although Seyðisfjörður is a small village, it has a grand culinary scene.


At the hotel's restaurant you'll find Iceland's produce finest produce cooked under European and Nordic influences. Drop by for some delicious food and drinks!

Aldan restaurant is closed for the winter 2023. We are currently preparing the menu for the 2024 season.


Norð Austur - Sushi&Bar

Local fish, Japanese tradition. Selected as Iceland's #3 restaurant by The White Guide, Norð-Austur offers mouthwatering maki-rolls, "Japanese Tapas", and colourful cocktails.


Skaftfell Bistro

At Skaftfell Culture Center, you'll find a cozy bistro, designed under the influence of artist Dieter Roth. While you'll wait for your food you can browse books, play board games and colour pictures (even on the tables!) Although most famous for it's pizzas, you'll also find meat, fish and vegetarian options on the menu.



Café Lára opened it's doors in 1988. In the summertime burgers, fish and meat are served alongside the local bar, "El Grillo". Sports are shown on a big screen.