Seyðisfjörður and the surrounding area offers plenty of activities, whether it’s nature, dining or the outdoors. All sorts of everything for everybody!

Sea Angling and Sight-seeing

Experienced local fishermen will take you sea angling or marvelling at the beautiful scenery and wildlife.


Tvísöngur is a sound sculpture where guests can play with their own voices and create their own soundscapes.


Seyðisfjörður is known for its stillness, making it an ideal location for kayaking. Beginners and pros are equally welcome!

Skálanes Bird-cliff

Skálanes is a true nature paradise. Looking down the 300 m. cliff is an experience you'll never forget.

"The Warm Waterfall"

Two hours drive from Seyðisfjörður is Laugavalladalur. There you'll find a geothermal waterfall to play and bathe in.

The Blue Church

The church of Seyðisfjörður is beautiful on the inside as well on the outside. In the summertime a concert-series is held here - a perfect opportunity for a visit.

Fly Fishing

Fjarðará River is full of trout, as well as salmon. It's truly a magical spot! Fishing permits are sold at the campsite.


Skaftfell is the center for arts in East-Iceland, with two galleries displaying contemporary art. On the ground floor you'll find Skaftfell Bistro.

Hallormsstaðarskógur Forrest

Iceland's largest forrest is located roughly 45 minutes away from Seyðisfjörður. Here's you'll definitely get lost in time (and trees!)


LUNGA Art Festival is one of Iceland's most popular happenings. The festival is held in the 3rd week of June, ending with awesome concerts on a Saturday night.

Vök Baths

Half an hour away from Seyðisfjörður is Vök Nature Baths. Water is pump straight from the hot earth into floating pools and tubs in a middle of a lake. Absolutely worth the visit!


Stórurð is one of East-Iceland's most popular nature attractions. The hike is rather easy, so most people should be able to enjoy this pearl. Driving will take you about an hour.

East-Iceland Heritage Museum

Half an hour from Seyðisfjörður is this fascinating museum. On display or the old times in East-Iceland, as well as an temporary display. Fun for kids and adults alike.

Puffin Marina

The beautiful Borgarfjörður is 1 1/2 hour away. There you'll find the scenic marina which is home to puffins.

List í ljósi

This art festival is held in February and the focus is the light itself. The chosen date is the first day the people of Seyðisfjörður see the sun again after the winter.


In the bottom of the fjord lies a 9-hole golf course, known for it's wide lanes and still weather.


One hour drive from Seyðisfjörður is Skriðuklaustur, former home of writer Gunnar Gunnarsson. Today it's a museum dedicated to him, but here you'll also find an excellent café.

Wilderness Center

The Wilderness Center located right by the edge of Northern Europe’s biggest wilderness. Here Iceland's past is present through food, exhibitions and tours.

Waterfall hunting

In Seyðisfjörður, waterfalls seem to grown in number by the days in spring and summer. Hiking around the fjord will surely lead to breathtaking moments.

The House of Geiri

Behind the hotel, you'll find this colourful house, which was home to Ásgeir J. Ólafsson, sailor and naive artist. It has been restored and can be visited with a guide in the summertime.

"The Warm Waterfall"

Two hours drive from Seyðisfjörður is Laugavalladalur. There you'll find a geothermal waterfall to play and bathe in.